Granite Countertops: How to Choose Granite Counters For Your Home

Published: 03rd January 2012
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You have decided it’s time to give your home’s countertops an updated and elegant look. After all, you deserve to have a great looking living area for when you host dinner parties and luncheons, and you want to trade in boring and basic for impressive and interesting. Consequently, you have decided to have granite countertops installed.

Just a single perusal of a granite dealer’s website or showroom may result in as many questions as answers. Perhaps, the most pressing one being, “How will I choose the perfect granite slab for my home?” After all, there are so many choices in color, cut, finish and style that choosing one can be quite a challenge. If you are planning to purchase granite slabs to be converted into countertops for your home, then you will want to make sure that you choose the piece that is perfect for you.

6 Considerations for Choosing Granite Slabs

There is something special about having a customized look! Get the best granite countertops for your home, by using these tips.

o Are there any spots, natural fissures or vein patterns that you feel will not work well with your space? If there are, be sure to ask the fabricator to avoid those areas of the granite when they cut the slab. Keep in mind if the slab cannot be cut the way you want, it is likely because the fabricator does not wish to damage the integrity of the slab. Consequently, you may want to pick out a second choice of granite.
o If possible, see if the fabricator or someone from the installation crew can come to your home and give you an opinion on which veining direction of the slab would look best. The direction of the veining can make a big difference in the overall finished effect.
o As much as possible, choose a slab that is stocked locally, as this will make a significant difference in the price; pieces that have to be specially ordered will take longer to arrive and cost more due to freight charges.
o Take the time to talk to the fabricator about seaming. A good custom fabricator will try to avoid seams at the corners where they will be most noticeable. However, sometimes either the granite slab or the arrangement of the countertop(s) makes corner seams unavoidable.
o Be sure you are looking at the granite in the right lighting. If you have florescent lighting in the room the granite will be installed, you will want to look at potential slabs in the same type of lighting to get the best idea of what the finished product will look like.
o If the salesperson is not knowledgeable about granite countertops, you should go to another granite slab provider. Ideally, the sales person should be able to educate you on the properties of granite, the maintenance required and the installation process. If they cannot, then it may be wise to take your business elsewhere.

Buying a granite slab to upgrade your countertops is money well spent---just so long as the final product meets all your expectations. Take the time to choose a piece that will make you happy for years to come.

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